Save my Mother Ghana in the local news paper

From Ghana report: Fostering partnership with other institutions and organisations is a key component of our sustainability strategy. In this regard, we discussed and signed a memorandum of understanding with a quasi-government hospital, St Joseph’s Hospital in Jirapa, Upper West Region to serve as our collaborating centre in the region. Save My Mother subsequently donated a complete set of cryosurgical equipment and some consumables for screening including 2 cylinders of nitrous oxide gas to the hospital. We then held an initial joint cervical cancer screening session with the hospital team (whom we had trained earlier in September) to officially mark commencement of independent cervical cancer screening and cryotherapy services using the “see and treat” approach as well as clinical breast examination at the facility. This was the first of its kind in the region. The programme was subsequently telecast on national television (GTV on 14/10/16). It was also published in the most-widely read newspaper in Ghana (the Daily Graphic) on 11th November 2016 (