Female Cancer Program, Indonesia

In Indonesia, cervical and breast cancer are the most common forms of cancer among women. Treatment is only scarcely available, due to which many women die unnecessarily. Early detection is vitally important and could keep the weakest, poorest and most vulnerable of women healthy and alive.

So far the Female Cancer Program (FCP), in cooperation with the University of Indonesia, the Indonesian Cancer Foundation and several women’s organizations, has been successfully introduced and the care has been transferred as much as possible to the local healthcare facilities.

With a solid base, expansion to the most vulnerable areas

Ever since the 2004 start in this massive country, thousands of healthcare professionals have been educated, communities have been informed, women have been screened and where needed treated preventatively. With this as a solid base, we are introducing the program in even more vulnerable areas. Through training and guided by the See & Treat experts in Jakarta, the Female Cancer Foundation strives to create a ripple effect that keeps expanding as we continue our work.

FCP Lombok

In cooperation with the University hospital in Mataram FCF started the See & Treat program on Lombok in 2013. The team in Jakarta trained and supervised the kick-off. Two years on, the program is a success and thousands of women are informed, screened and treated when needed every year. In case of irregularities, women will be offered the preventive treatment and are free to go home healthy shortly after. The treatment strengthens the trust in the country’s healthcare and position of the woman.

This program was made possible through the kindness and donations by Achmea Foundation, ASN Foundation, Triodos Foundation, Protest, Wild Geeze and many individual donations.

FCP Flores & Papua

In March 2015, in cooperation with the Universities of Ende and Sorong and the Ministry of Health the Female Cancer Program was launched. Through the program we ensure the vulnerable women of Flores and Papua also can access this healthcare.

FCP Batam & Atjeh

In 2016 the Female Cancer Program will hopefully be introduced in the regions of Batam and Atjeh by special request of the Ministry of Health. Due to a change in law with regards to prostitution in Singapore, sex tourism has risen significantly in the region of Batam, which is attracting many female sex workers. A rise of cases in cervical cancer is expected in the short-term because this group of women is more vulnerable to infection by the HPV virus which causes the disease. The See & Treat approach can trace and solve the infection at a relatively low cost.

FCP Medan, Bali, Manado, Jakarta, Tasikmalaya, Surabaya, Banjarmasin

After a successful pilot project in Indonesia in 2004, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has granted an MFS financing for a period from 2007 till 2011 to continue the See & Treat Project.

In six regions in Indonesia almost 1 million women were informed through awareness campaigns, more than 225.000 women were screened and where needed treated. Thousands of healthcare professionals were trained in prevention and treatment of cervical cancer. Next to satisfactory numerical results, a lot has been achieved in the process of a sustainable foundation for the See & Treat concept in the basic healthcare system. The acquired experience will be implemented in new regions.

Center of Excellence

In cooperation with the medical faculty of the University of Indonesia and the LUMC (Leiden Universaty Medical Center) a Centre of Excellence is developed. The major topics of the program are educational and informational exchange about and research on comprehensive cancer care and the sustainability of the program.