First Lady Indonesia launches National 'Female Cancer' Programme

On Tuesday, 21 April 2015, the launch of the National Prevention Programme for the Early Detection of Breast and Cervical Cancer was held by the First Lady and her supporters of strong women; the spouses of governors from different parts of Indonesia.

A doctor gives information about cervical cancer to the wife of the Governor of Jakarta.

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Lex on Lombok

Prof. Lex Peters visited Indonesia, including our partner on Lombok, the University of Mataram. Lex is on location to exchange knowledge and information, mutual issues and to coordinate on possible new projects in the region. Among other things, Lex visited a See & Treat meeting at an Islamic school, where he was able to see for himself how useful the Female Cancer Foundation's awareness programs are; attendance was very high and women are aware of the importance of screening. Lex's overall findings on Lombok were also good: "I am struck by what is happening here. The commitment is great!".

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