Lex on Lombok

Prof. Lex Peters visited Indonesia, including our partner on Lombok, the University of Mataram. Lex is on location to exchange knowledge and information, mutual issues and to coordinate on possible new projects in the region. Among other things, Lex visited a See & Treat meeting at an Islamic school, where he was able to see for himself how useful the Female Cancer Foundation's awareness programs are; attendance was very high and women are aware of the importance of screening. Lex's overall findings on Lombok were also good: "I am struck by what is happening here. The commitment is great!".


Screening; large turnout. A classroom has been converted into an examination room, where four women can be screened and treated at the same time. Little privacy, but due to the respectful approach this is not perceived as disturbing.

Visit to the governor, who is supporting FCF to roll out the See & Treat program across Lombok.

Meeting with all stakeholders led by the chairwoman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation. She is very involved and showed her gratitude to FCF.

Supervision from Lex Peters on the job. Great satisfaction with the knowledge and skill of the staff.