Our work

Female Cancer Foundation (FCF) fights against cervical cancer worldwide through education and research. Cervical cancer is caused by a sexually transmitted virus and is highly preventable. FCF's See & Treat screening programmes are cost-effective and easy to implement in developing countries, which promotes and strengthens the sustainability of the concept.

Screening with natural vinegar

  • is an effective and cheap method;
  • The cervix is dabbed with a light concentration of (table) acetic acid;
  • abnormal cells that can develop into cervical cancer are visible through a white discolouration;
  • Women in whom abnormal cells are found are treated immediately.


  • is treatment with CO2 or N2O, just like freezing a wart;
  • is a treatment method that does not require electricity;
  • destroys abnormal cells, reducing the risk of developing cervical cancer by 90%;
  • is a very simple method with few side effects, so women continue to menstruate and be fertile.

Sustainability is an opportunity

  • FCF trains the easy-to-learn See & Treat method to local health workers: doctors, midwives and nurses;
  • FCF provides information on cervical cancer, breast cancer and other 'Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights' issues;
  • According to the train-the-trainer principle, this "leading group" then trains the local health workers in the See & Treat method.