Our Mission

After breast cancer, cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under the age of 45. Worldwide, more than 500,000 women are diagnosed with this form of cancer every year. About half of these women do not survive the disease. Over 80% of these women live in developing countries. They are often young mothers who are central to the household and indispensable to the family income. When they are gone, it has major consequences for the family and the village they live in.

The wry thing about these facts is that cervical cancer is preventable and 100% curable if the symptoms are diagnosed and treated in time.

Feasible goal

Female Cancer Foundation (FCF) was founded on the ideal of fighting cervical cancer worldwide. A cervical cancer-free world. Not a utopia but a real goal, to be achieved by:

  • Providing care (screening and treatment) on the spot,
  • providing education and information,
  • conducting research.

In all that FCF does, it is paramount that the local health care and population ultimately acquire the knowledge they need to fight cervical cancer. FCF works according to the 'train-the-trainer' principle: local health workers are trained in order to be able to spread the acquired knowledge further within the local community. Read more about cervical cancer and our See & Treat method here.

Theory of Change

FCF has established its Theory of Change. It shows how FCF intends to achieve its objectives. It shows both our activities and the expected outputs and impacts. See our Theory of Change here.