The Prevention Screening Innovation Project Towards Elimination of Cervical Cancer (PRESCRIP-TEC) research project could save many women's lives. The research has the potential to greatly reduce the incidence of cervical cancer worldwide, through better detection and treatment.

The project focuses on five pillars:
1. Communication - by disseminating information, women in hard-to-reach areas are informed through traditional media, cell phones and social media;
2. HPV self-testing - Women can take an HPV test at home. Only HPV positive women are invited for further testing;
3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) with an app - HPV positive women are screened for the early stages of cervical cancer. In this gynecological examination, AI is used to correctly diagnose pre-stages of cervical cancer. Based on thousands of photographs of cervical mouths, an algorithm has been developed with deep learning that uses an app to assist the health professional in interpreting and determining what medical actions are needed;
4. Immediate treatment - Women with a diagnosed pre-stage of cervical cancer can be treated immediately on the spot;
5. Research - The uptake of cervical cancer screening and its cost-effectiveness will be investigated.

PRESCRIP-TEC is thus committed to the HPV self-test in which women perform the self-test using a cotton swab. This is then sent to the laboratory for analysis. If the woman is found to have HPV she is called for screening with our VIA method(the See&Treat method) which is performed by a health worker. The app with AI helps the health worker recognize the discoloration of the cervix. Women are then treated right away, on the spot.

The project will run for three years (2021-2024) in Uganda, Bangladesh, India and Slovakia. The study is a collaboration between 14 partners and is led by the Global Health Unit of the University Medical Center in Groningen (UMCG) in close cooperation with FCF as a substantive partner. FCF monitors the quality of screening and treatment within this project.

Up-to-date information about the project can be found on the project website.