Every two minutes, somewhere in the world a woman dies of cervical cancer

Of all women who die from cervical cancer 85% live in developing countries.

Unfortunately, these are often young mothers who are the hub of the household and are essential to the family income and the local economy.

When they fall ill and pass away it has major implications for their family and for the community in which they live.

The Female Cancer Foundation strives for a world without cervical cancer through screening, research and education.

About our work

What do we do?

The Female Cancer Foundation strives to create a world free from cervical cancer, which can be achieved by offering care (screening and treatment) on location, offering education and research. While its main focus is cervical cancer, FCF informs women in developing countries about breast cancer and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights related subjects.

Why do we do this?

A cervical cancer-free world is not Utopia but a realistic goal. For women under the age of 45 cervical cancer is the number 2 most common forms of the disease (breast cancer being number 1). Every year at least 500.000 women are diagnosed with the disease of which almost 50% do not survive. Which is especially devastating, considering cervical cancer can be prevented and completely cured if diagnosed and treated in early stage.

Who will you help with your donation?

The focus of FCF is with the women who are at highest risk of developing cervical cancer, between the ages of 30 and 50. Young women with small children are most commonly victims to this poverty related disease, even though they play a crucial role within their families and communities.

With every ten Euro FCF helps a woman in some of the world’s most impoverished countries.

How sustainable is your gift?

In everything that FCF does local integration in the health care system comes first, so that we can hand over the project after 3-5 years. We achieve this through the “train-the-trainer’- principle: local health workers are trained to spread the knowledge further within the local community.

How can you donate?

With your donation we can make a real and immediate difference.

With your donation we screen one or more women and – if necessary – we can treat it on the spot, so that they will not needlessly die from cervical cancer.

About the people we do this for

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