Every 2 minutes, a woman dies somewhere in the world from cervical cancer ...

85% of the victims live in a developing country. They are often young mothers who are central to the household and indispensable to the family income and the local economy. These women are responsible for the care of their children and keeping them alive is extremely important: a child without a mother has ten times more chance of dying prematurely than a child growing up with a mother (source : WHO 2012).

The Female Cancer Foundation

  • aims for a world without cervical cancer through screening, research and education;
  • works hard to reduce the deadly disease cervical cancer in developing countries;
  • works with an evidence-based method;
  • screens women for cervical cancer and treats them immediately if necessary;
  • trains local health staff to ensure sustainability of the programme;
  • reaches women in very remote areas with the See & Treat method for less than €10 per woman;
  • cooperates with the cancer foundation and national and local authorities in all countries;
  • is conducting research into the various treatment methods that are possible in the fight against cervical cancer;
  • provides educational programmes to raise awareness of the seriousness of cervical cancer and the options for treatment and prevention.


"When a tsunami hits Indonesia, no one is walking around with table vinegar for screening, but the knowledge that people have accumulated does not perish," says Prof. Lex Peters