International Women's Day 2014

Currently, every 2 minutes somewhere in the world a woman dies unnecessarily from cervical cancer. This is easy and preventable with few resources. That is what every strong woman should stand for. This statement was developed completely selflessly by Bernd Out and Annamara Hamersma.

In the Netherlands, cervical cancer is almost always preventable or curable through prevention and access to care, but in Third World countries, unfortunately, this is not the case. Female Cancer Foundation provides cervical cancer treatment for women in developing countries. With our film, we want to generate more awareness for our mission: to eliminate cervical cancer from the world. In addition, we want to create awareness of this disease among the Dutch public.

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Leiden ties with Indonesia strengthened

At the end of February a LUMC delegation - including Lex Peters - visited Jakarta and Yogyakarta to strengthen the ties between Leiden and Indonesia. Several agreements on further collaborations were made, including an expansion of the already existing research collaboration in the field of cervical cancer, so good news!

The trip was successful. "The relationship between Leiden University and various Indonesian universities was already close, but is now becoming even stronger," said Carel Stolker (Rector Magnificus LUMC), "It was actually one big celebration of past and future.

Read more about the other collaborations and agreements, in LUMC's newsletter, here.