Professor Lex Peters receives ribbon!

On Friday, January 31, Prof. Lex Peters took his leave as gynecologist and professor at Leiden University Medical Center. In the presence of colleagues, patients, family and friends, alderman Frank de Wit pinned on the decoration of Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau in the Marekerk church in Leiden. Peters will certainly not sit still after his farewell. As founder of the Female Cancer Foundation, he will continue to fight for a world without cervical cancer.

Prof. Lex Peters' career cannot be summed up in a few paragraphs. Central is that Peters is always aware of what an illness does to the patient, which his patients appreciate immensely. In addition, his commitment to the Third World can be called exceptional.

Quality of life

Within the Department of Gynecology, Peters has focused on gynecological oncology and psychosomatics. Among other things, he has played an active role in developing and perfecting treatment techniques that do justice to the balance between effectiveness and quality of life. For example, he led the research group 'Ovarian Preservation and Quality of Life' and was involved in two hospices in the Leiden region.

Department Head of Gynecology Prof. Baptist Trimbos is proud to have worked with someone like Peters.

"Lex Peters has shown exceptional commitment to the well-being of his patients."

In doing so, Trimbos emphasizes that Lex Peters was always aware of the psychosocial aspects of a gynecological illness.

Female Cancer Foundation

Lex Peters founded the Female Cancer Foundation in the late 1980s. This was a partnership of the Departments of Gynecology, Pathology and Immunohematology of the LUMC. Since then, structural collaborations have been established with partner universities in Suriname, Africa and Indonesia. After his departure, Peters, together with LUMC gynecologist Jogchem Beltman and others, will continue to dedicate himself to his mission: a world without cervical cancer.