Annual report 2018

Female Cancer Foundation dreams of a world without cervical cancer

This annual report proves that that dream can become a reality. Step by step. That we can save so many mothers in developing countries with something as simple as ordinary natural vinegar remains a miracle.

It seems like a fairy tale, too: with a bottle of natural vinegar and liquid nitrogen, we can detect and directly treat early stages of cervical cancer anywhere in the world and thereby prevent the development of cervical cancer; precisely in those areas where that care is not present and cervical cancer is common. To do this, we do need to go to the women. On the ground, local government agencies and NGOs can roll out the See & Treat program and make it sustainable.

Every year FCF makes progress in the fight against cervical cancer. The foundation has achieved this by teaching, conducting research at all levels on the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer but especially by applying the See & Treat method: a woman is diagnosed with an abnormality at the cervix and treated during the same visit. She returns to her village, her husband and her children healthy.

Belief and confidence in health care in these countries has continued to increase over the past year. Women who do not naturally have access to healthcare are made aware in their own communities. They are treated with respect, screened and treated as needed.

Our fight against cervical cancer is not only about preventing the unnecessary death of women, but also the impact it has on families, especially the children and the social environment. When a mother dies in developing countries, you have to multiply that impact by a factor of five.

We welcome your support for which we thank you very much, so that we can continue this work for the poorest and most vulnerable. Because with €10 we can save a woman's life, which is not a given in many parts of Asia and Africa.

Lex Peters, founder and board member of FCF

Sylvia Siertsema, director FCF 2018

Annual report 2017

The Female Cancer Foundation's 2017 annual report is now online. If you want to read the results of our work in Africa and Asia take a look here.