Freedoms - Mirjam de Blécourt

Mirjam de Blécourt, member of the Committee of Recommendation and former president of the Female Cancer Foundation recently wrote this book about her life as a mother, wife and top lawyer. 

In her book, she devotes a chapter to the Female Cancer Foundation, the foundation she holds dear.

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About the book:

How can a woman simultaneously become a mother and a top lawyer, and how does she hold her own as a feminist in the Zuidas? Mirjam de Blécourt, partner and former board member at law firm Baker McKenzie, was frequently named Europe's best female employment lawyer. That success didn't come naturally. If anyone knows how to break through the glass ceiling, it is her. In Vrijgevochten Mirjam opens up about herself: her free childhood, her student days and her goal-oriented way to the top combined with motherhood. She talks candidly about her motivations, insecurities and other struggles. What does it take to turn ambition into success? Her method: shout out what you want to achieve, so do men. Get out from behind that desk and show that you are there. Free-spirited is an inspiring story with tools for anyone who wants to reach the top - any top.

Mirjam de Blécourt (1964) grew up in Bilthoven and studied civil and tax law in Leiden. She has been an international partner at Baker McKenzie since 2001 and heads the leading employment law section. In mass redundancies, she is invariably at the negotiating table. For years, De Blécourt has been committed to diversity and equal treatment of women. Among other things, she currently chairs the supervisory board at Rutgers. She is also on the list of candidates for the Senate and in the Volkskrant Top 200 of most influential Dutchmen.