In 2017, FCF and implementation partner Karuna pulled out all the stops to make the launch of a See & Treat project possible. And with success! At the end of 2017, Roos Veneman and
Maarten Briët from FCF paid a field visit to Nepal. Together they met many key players in the field, trained the first 12 midwives with local gynecologists and were able to make a thorough assessment of the situation in the field. The need turned out to be high in Nepal; of the 12 midwives, only one had undergone screening herself, and that while local
gynecologists indicate that they encounter many cases of advanced cervical cancer. Through education, preventive screening and treatment this disease can also be eliminated in Nepal!
eliminated in Nepal as well! With the support of Sofronie Foundation, Triodos Foundation, Rabobank and ASN Foundation, among others, we will implement a population screening in Ilam District in eastern Nepal together with Karuna.