How screening could reassure Ugandan Glorious

During the screening day at the Kisengwe health center in Uganda, we speak to Glorious (39 years old). She lives 3 kilometers from the health center. Glorious had heard about the screening for cervical cancer that would take place today and would like to take the opportunity to get informed and examined.

Glorious at Kisengwe health center

She first heard about the existence of cervical cancer and the possibility of screening for its precursors a year ago. The reason she wants to be screened herself today is that she is struggling with a number of physical problems, and she fears that these symptoms are caused by cervical cancer. This fear is compounded by the fact that her husband died of (liver) cancer. Since they lived together and shared the same bathroom, used the same dishes and other personal items, she fears that his cancer may have been contagious. In the education she received today about cervical cancer, she learned that this is not possible.

Glorious was then examined for the early stages of cervical cancer. A speculum was inserted and the cervix was dabbed with vinegar. Fortunately, she felt nothing from that and the examination took place quickly: no abnormalities were seen! She was really relieved. She is advised to come back in 3 years, which she will definitely do.

Glorious is glad she had the opportunity to be screened and especially that the results were good. She is extra inspired to inform other women about screening options at the health center.

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