Giving and bequeathing

Tax-advantaged gifting

Donations to charities may be tax deductible. Conditions and more information can be read on the Tax Office website.

Female Cancer Foundation has the ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). This means that we do not have to pay gift tax and inheritance tax on the money obtained from donations and your money goes 100% to Female Cancer Foundation. So you know that you really help to create a world without cervical cancer.


When making a will, the choice of what happens to your estate lies with yourself. One of the first things you start thinking about is to whom, and what you want to bequeath. These are difficult decisions that cannot or should not be made lightly. To continue supporting our work for a world without cervical cancer, you can choose to name us an heir (legacy) or include a bequest in the will.

With a bequest, it is established in a will that a certain amount of money or property (for example, a house) will be left to a person or organization of your choice. For example, it is possible to name family members as heirs and also leave a certain amount of money as a bequest to Female Cancer Foundation.


A legacy may not be the first thought when supporting Female Cancer Foundation. Still, it is important to continue fighting cervical cancer in the future. Because as long as cervical cancer is not out of the world, Female Cancer Foundation still has a job to do and it is nice to know that with your help this will continue to be possible.

Bequeathing with tax benefits

Because Female Cancer Foundation has ANBI status, it is possible to receive tax benefits from bequests. Bequeathing to an ANBI has the advantage that no tax is levied on the estate. This, of course, makes your contribution that much more effective! The entire inheritance benefits the fight for a world without cervical cancer, without paying taxes.

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