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Life-saving natural vinegar 'Miracle

Press Release

Limited edition natural vinegar from May 13 on Albert Heijn shelves

Female Cancer Foundation launches life-saving natural vinegar 'Miracle'

Amsterdam, May 9, 2019 - The Female Cancer Foundation (FCF) is putting a very special natural vinegar on the shelves: 'Miracle Life Saving Vinegar'. This natural vinegar literally saves literally saves lives: by buying 'Miracle', you donate to the Female Cancer Foundation and help eliminate cervical cancer from the world. FCF wants with the launching this natural vinegar to draw attention to its fight against cervical cancer in the developing world. With a simple and inexpensive remedy like natural vinegar, the Female Cancer Foundation can test hundreds of thousands of women every year and thus protect them from this life-threatening disease. Miracle Life Saving Vinegar is only available at Albert Heijn during the week after Mother's Day.

The Female Cancer Foundation has developed a highly effective method whereby women can be quickly tested and helped for (a preliminary stage of) cervical cancer, the only cancer that is eradicable. This method FCF has been successfully applying for a decade in Africa and Asia. In the past decade, the foundation has been able to help millions of women. Currently the Female Cancer Foundation is working with the World Health Organization on an action plan to eliminate cervical cancer worldwide by 2030. This requires additional resources, for which the organization with Miracle Life Saving Vinegar, the organization wants to draw attention to now.

The Female Cancer Foundation uses natural vinegar to test women for pre-stages of cervical cancer. By dabbing the cervix with wet vinegar, the "bad" cells turn white and are immediately visible. Early detection increases the chance of cure, says founder of the Female Cancer Foundation, gynecologist-oncologist Prof. Dr. Lex Peters.

Peters: "Every 2 minutes a woman dies of cervical cancer. In the Netherlands every woman from the age of 30 gets a smear every 5 years, but for that method are unfortunately not everywhere in the world the resources or practical possibilities. With the See & Treat method, we can detect the disease in remote areas or slums early and treat it immediately. In addition we can then also educate women about the risks and prevention of cervical cancer. With a simple remedy like natural vinegar, we can save women, their partners and children a lot of misery."

Special shelf workers

As kickoff to the action, FCF ambassadors Eva Jinek and Jennifer Hoffman will personally place the new bottles of Miracle personally on the shelves at Albert Heijn. Miracle Life Saving Vinegar, developed especially for this campaign by natural vinegar producer Burg Group and advertising agency TBWA\NEBOKO, is available for €1.50. The bottle itself is also special. It is blown in the shape of the female body, making it a real eye-catcher in the kitchen.

The limited edition natural vinegar is available in Albert Heijn supermarkets on a limited basis. For more information, visit: or donate directly via tikkie.