Vinegar producer Burg Groep supports the Female Cancer Foundation

Vinegar is a simple and effective tool in the detection of cervical cancer. For 10 years, FCF has been committed to helping women around the world by detecting preliminary stages of cervical cancer and possibly treating them early. Vinegar producer Burg Group has supported us in this effort since January 2016 for a period of three years.

Vinegar in a starring rolevinegar bottle

"As a vinegar producer, you know that a lot is possible with vinegar," says Patricia Surendonk, CEO of Burg Groep B.V. in Heerhugowaard, "but this is a very special and successful application of vinegar. And as a woman, the work of FCF particularly appeals to me. We are talking about a specific form of cancer that can happen to any woman. With vinegar playing such an important role in the detection of cervical cancer, we would like to contribute to the solution of this global problem. That is why we are supporting FCF financially over an extended period of time."

Burg Group

Burg Groep is a leading, European producer and an international supplier of fermented vinegars, syrups and liquid household cleaners. Burg Groep has seven modern production centers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the Czech Republic. Burg Groep's head office is located in Heerhugowaard.