See & Treat in Batam and Aceh

Our Indonesian partner Female Cancer Program (FCP) has set a goal of educating women (and men) nationwide, expanding care delivery to include cervical cancer screening, and transferring knowledge about the risks and prevention of this disease. This is easier said than done; geography (Indonesia consists of over 14.5 thousand islands and 250 million inhabitants) and culture (the country has the largest Muslim population in the world), among others, create a challenge for the creation of a national cervical cancer prevention program. Nevertheless, the FCP is working hard to reach all of Indonesia, from Batam in the West to Papua in the East. Recently, two new See & Treat projects were launched in Batam and Aceh, which were launched with training of local health workers.

The trainees in Batam, early May 2017

Clinical training in Aceh, beginning May 2017