See & Treat Nepal

Nepal is – together with Bangladesh – the country in Asia with the highest count of cervical cancer cases (Globocan 2012). The harrowing healthcare systems and the poor access, if any, to care makes immediate assistance imperative. After the earthquakes in Nepal, emergency aid is required without fail. However, to ensure minimal suffering and to assist Nepal in the rebuilding of their country and society, well-planned, structured and long-term investments are required to achieve results.

In cooperation with local partners, we strive to make cervical cancer a rare disease which can be treated quickly. We will train a team of health professionals, through the Train the Trainer principle. Through this method they can share their knowledge and skills with their colleagues. Through training and education, we want to raise awareness with all Nepalese women, the government and the relevant agencies. This, in the long run, should lead to a wider implemented national cervical cancer policy. At the end of 2015 we will start with the first steps of the See and Treat method with a select group of midwives. When the financial means are available to us, we can truly start with our project in Nepal.

To achieve the full potential of our project, more financing is necessary. Will you help us keep the women of Nepal healthy? For every €1 you donate Foundation Wild Geeze has pledged to turn that into €1,50, so your Euro is worth a lot to us! Donate or contact us!