Save my mother, Africa

The role of the mother in a family defines its future. The impact of the loss of a mother is multiplied by five: children have a higher risk of ending up committing crimes, ending up in prostitution or worse. Women are the backbone of communities and often the local economy. This fact offer the base of the cooperation between FCF and SOS Kinderdorpen.

Financed by the Dutch Postcode Lottery we rolled out an enormous program in 2011 in Gambia, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya and Ghana. The combination of two forces has proven a successful one: our expertise in the field of cervical cancer combined with the strong trusted relationship of SOS Children's Villages in vulnerable areas. Many local healthcare workers have been trained by our trainers and supervisors and together they have informed more than 400,000 women and screened and treated (when needed) over 60,000 women. An Evaluation of the Save my Mother programme (Toward the eradication of cervical cancer) was done on the results of the programme and the lessons learned.

In 2015, a new phase in the project will begin. The country teams will grow and focus on the local embedment of the programme. Together with public agencies, government and (where possible) cancer foundations.

The Gieskes Strijbis Foundation has pledged financing for the projects in Kenya and Ghana and SOS Children's Villages will provide resources for the continuation in The Gambia. Zambia and Malawi continue the use of the original financing and we are assisting them as much as possible with the composing of requests and fundraising activities. The government of these countries are getting ready to combine their forces. Are you keen to support these projects? Contact us directly or donate now!