Jennifer Hoffman action

Our ambassador Jennifer Hoffman in this month's Viva anniversary issue about Female Cancer Foundation and her personal story. For every copy of this special December issue sold, VIVA will donate €1 to the charities that these four tough women on the cover put their heart and soul into.  

Read about her personal motivation to get involved and be inspired to take action too. 

Jennifer Hoffman has a very personal connection with the Female Cancer Foundation: 'Cervical cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in women under 45. It is one hundred per cent curable if diagnosed in time and treated quickly. Here in the West we are screened: we get a smear test and if you have a bad PAP, there are all kinds of follow-up steps. In developing countries, they don't have that knowledge and resources. I've had a bad PAP twice now and have been treated. Ironically enough, I am a hands-on expert.