Partner Friendship in the news

Our partner in Bangladesh, Friendship is big in the news with a great article in the NRC

About how their floating hospital is saving lives in areas that are increasingly flooded and how they are tremendously efficient at reaching those people who need help the most.

Friendship's first hospital boat took to the water in 2002. It was an old riverboat donated by French entrepreneur Yves Marre. A second boat was added in 2008, this one thanks to money from airline Emirates. The third vessel, which has since been decommissioned, was Greenpeace's old Rainbower II. In the coming months, five new hospital boats will be added, specially built, funded by the Saudi monarch. The plan is for these vessels to be handed over to the Bangladesh government after five years. In addition to the floating hospitals, Friendship is also working with mobile medical teams and training women within the char communities to provide basic care.

Read the entire article here.