What does Female Cancer Foundation do with your donation?

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€ 10 - See & Treat

For every ten euros, the Female Cancer Foundation can educate, screen and - if necessary - treat a woman directly.


The See&Treat method is a cost-effective method used to combat cervical cancer. Women are screened for cervical cancer on site (with table vinegar) by a doctor or nurse and, if necessary, treated immediately with liquid CO2 (cryotherapy). This method is relatively cheap and very effective.

A team of doctors and health workers visit clinics in rural communities and in slums. Female Cancer Foundation applies the See & Treat method in Indonesia, South Africa, Suriname, Ghana, Kenya, Gambia, Malawi, Zambia and Bangladesh.

€ 100 - Awareness

For every hundred euros, the Female Cancer Foundation can educate 500 women about the dangers of cervical cancer.


Women are made aware of the risks of cervical cancer by local women's organisations. The women are also informed how to prevent cervical cancer.

HPV infection is the most common STD and can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. Therefore, every woman who is sexually active is at risk of becoming infected with the HPV virus. Most people do not notice symptoms and infect others without realising it.

€ 300 - Train the trainer

For every three hundred Euros, FCF can train local doctors to continue their work independently. Subsequently, they can train others (the train-the-trainer concept).


In everything that the Female Cancer Foundation does, the most important thing is that the local health care and population ultimately acquire the knowledge themselves that is needed to fight cervical cancer. They can then train others (the 'train-the-trainer' principle).

By training the medical staff, also in very remote areas, the Female Cancer Foundation ensures that the See&Treat method can be added to the already existing health care. It is expected that more than 100,000 women will be reached annually for research into and treatment of cervical cancer precursors.

€ 3,000 - Cryotherapy

For every three thousand euros, Female Cancer Foundation can purchase cryoguns that are necessary for the preventive treatment of malignant cells.



  • Done with liquid nitrogen
  • Treatment method requiring no electricity
  • Destroys abnormal cells
  • Reduces the chance of developing cervical cancer by 90%

€ 25,000 - Mobile clinic

For every twenty-five thousand euros, a mobile clinic can be purchased to better reach women in remote areas.


The Female Cancer Foundation is expanding its reach enormously with the use of mobile clinics. This makes it possible for women who live far from civilisation to be informed, screened and possibly treated close to home.

This lowers the cultural, financial and social barriers to research because it is done locally and the women are not away from home for days at a time (something that is often not approved by the husband).

€100,000 - Start new programme

For every hundred thousand euros, Female Cancer Foundation can start an all-embracing project and implement the other programmes.


Despite the free-rider strategy of the Female Cancer Foundation, starting a new project costs a lot of money. The free-riding strategy means that we make use of existing infrastructures and contacts. Together with SOS Kinderdorpen we set up the 'Save my mother' project in Africa and together with Emirates Friendship Hospital we set up a number of projects in Bangladesh.

To start a comprehensive project and implement a new programme, financial investments are needed, including a location for training local doctors and the purchase of cryo equipment.