Doctor Alicia in Indonesia

Recently, primary care physician Alicia Lucardie left for Indonesia to support the local teams there in setting up and making the See & Treat projects sustainable. Read her first impressions here.

Selamat!!! I have just landed in Jakarta, Indonesia, where I will be supporting the See & Treat projects as a supervising physician for the coming period. It is also Ramadan in the largest Muslim country in the world. You can hear the Azan (call to prayer) sound as I take my suitcase off the belt. Binnen an hour after landing, I am on the doorstep of the hotel where I will stay for the next night. It is less than 500m from RSCM, the largest academic hospital in Indonesia.

I look forward to working with the Female Cancer Program (FCP) and the various See & Treat project teams in Indonesia, including in Sumbawa, Batam, Java and Lombok. I will also help establish and develop the Cervical Cancer Centre of Excellence (CCCE) research institute in Jakarta as a physician clinical researcher. The extensive expertise and dedication of doctors like Dr. Laila and Dr. Gatot have ensured that the See & Treat program is here to stay, and has even become part of the national screening program. I feel privileged to contribute in this way to a world without cervical cancer. Sampai jumpt bertemu lagi!